Designer Carmen Calburean working in her atelier

The Atelier

Fascinated by mysteries of the world, the mind and history, Netherlands based designer Carmen Calburean’s creative expression is guided by intuition, sustainability and state of the world. Her passion is to harmoniously convey these curiosities into functional garments, handcrafted through a minimalist, ethical and Eco-conscious approach to Ready-to-wear fashion.

As a reflection of a rural and sustainable lifestyle, bygone eras and cultural distinctions, natural raw materials and industry leftovers are elegantly reshaped into unconventional modernism where the organic and geometrical meets the old and traditional through timeless grace. An exploration of life’s natural chaotic beauty fuels a blending of contrasting elements including dark and light, fierce and gentle, raw and refined, through a minimalist aesthetic. Romantic silhouettes float graciously along adventurous forms and confident core-upholding structures. With an empowering allure, each piece projects a character and a story of its own, invoking a sense of mystery and idiosyncratic identity.

  • Season-less collections – Organically certified and sustainable
  • Classics Atelier  – Sustainable casual pieces
  • Zero Waste – Unique pieces and accessories created from both organic and synthetic leftover fabrics
  • Petite sized – Limited selections for women 1.60m (5’3) and under
  • Custom made – Available upon request

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