View from Dunnottar Castle in Scotland


Freedom in Scottish Gaelic

This collection is inspired from the emotions experienced during a magical trip in Scotland. The culture, people, vastness of virgin land, crystal waters and wild mystical nature, invoked an incomparable and profound sense of freedom, solidarity and connection to Earth. Saorsa is created as a revival of those feelings in relation to the collective fear, loss and restrictions caused by the global pandemic, which affected our perceptions of freedom, security and unity during difficult times.

Saorsa becomes a reflection on how to live our lives bravely, freely and in harmony with Mother Nature as well as with one another including all races, genders/orientations and social statuses. These character-based looks are inspired by Scottish history, portraying rural and royal-style silhouettes with a subtle playful nature: queens hold hands with peasants, kings are front line warriors, princesses attend the sick and ancient wisdom brings the much needed healing. Contrasting colors depict the natural elements such as white representing purity and fresh air, green portraying land and environmental awareness, blue, a reminder of the importance of clean water and its flexibility and power, and black, a reference to modesty and mysticism. Elements such as nets, metal rings, chains and cords symbolize “breaking free” from mental or social “prisons”, at the same time suggesting inclusion, protection and holding on.

Saorsa is 90% created out of Zero Waste fabrics such as certified organic, natural fabric leftovers from our previous collections and custom-made orders, as well as industry dead-stock materials and up-cycled trims, notions and jewellery already existing in our studio.

In this new collection, we also introduce menswear, unisex items and accessories.

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